Investing is very easy:

1. Sign up as a new user in less than a minute.
In addition to your first name, surname, and country of residence, your email and mobile number will be required to secure your transactions — no other information or supporting documents are needed. We do not share your contact information with anyone.

2. Confirm your email address by entering the code received by email, and you will be redirected to your personal dashboard.
Your account is now fully operational, without any further formalities.

3. To invest, from your dashboard, click on the "Investment" menu at the top, then select "New investment".
Deposits and withdrawals are made exclusively in Bitcoin.
No fees or commissions on crypto deposit.

Upon receipt your funds will be automatically invested (placed in a pool, usually within a few hours) and therefore generate interest.

Your balance is calculated on the last day of each month (and not on a run-of-river basis) and expressed in EUR or USD.
You can add funds at any time (which are then automatically invested) and withdraw all or part of your funds on the 1st day of each month (at no charge).
Your earnings are accumulated and automatically and permanently reinvested (without any action required from you).

See the FAQ "Invest" section for more detail.

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