With many years of experience in arbitrage, then in cryptocurrencies, the Atrad.io team has developed unique know-how, proposed in the form of a simple and fully-managed platform.

Finally, Atrad.io allows small investors to collaborate to participate in arbitrage transactions without any specific knowledge, personal investment, or risk to make significant profits.

There are many platforms on the market, whether for classic stock exchange trading, FOREX, cryptocurrencies, etc. Few are genuinely automated (requiring a significant personal investment), and their model is simple: to make you perform as many operations as possible to earn a commission on each order placed - or even on deposits and withdrawals. -> Whether you win or lose, it's the same for them: they get their commission in both cases.

Our positioning is the opposite: not only do we take care of everything, but we also pay ourselves exclusively based on performance, taking a % of your earnings - no other fees.
In other words, our only interest is to make you realize the maximum earnings; otherwise, we will have worked for nothing!