With more than 5000 cryptocurrencies for 154 Fiat currencies and more than 150 exchanges, we let you imagine the possible combinations, which evolve at any time. It's all about opportunities.

Here are some answers, though:

1. The main cryptos are now challenging to arbitrate because they are more liquid than altcoins; so, there is less of a price spread on the different platforms, and if there is a spread, it is very quickly reduced. Only periods of high volatility can offer some opportunities.

2. The top 100 altcoins, on the other hand, offer excellent arbitrage opportunities; they have the widest spreads between platforms and are sufficiently liquid to trade quickly and, thus, settle arbitrage transactions as promptly as possible.

3. Secondary cryptos are generally insufficiently liquid and will display a huge spread on "exotic" trading platforms! As a rule, run far away from them.