With the maturity of the market, arbitrage opportunities and spreads decrease but remain more than enough to achieve a net profit in a short period of time.
Arbitrage opportunities will remain if the trading platforms are not consolidated.
By anticipating and carrying out many arbitrages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the cumulative profit is significant, whether on crypto/Crypto arbitrage or crypto/Fiat.

Finally, there are different types of arbitrage, which can easily be exploited if you move beyond BTC. In parallel, we are already working on other types of arbitration:

1. Arbitrage Chain Trading: as the market evolves, more cryptocurrency projects and exchanges are established; this leads to an even higher inequality of the market prices on exchanges, which gives more arbitrage opportunities. Because of the variety of cryptos, certain combinations of arbitrage chains are more profitable than just trading pairs. However, the calculation for feasible combinations is very complex, as more variables must be considered to find the most promising arbitrage cases.

2. Simultaneous Short-Long Strategy: the novelty here is that profit is not solely generated by trading the asset itself but, additionally, by trading futures of the asset; this means that it becomes possible to realize arbitrage opportunities without the need to have funds of the given currency for immediate disposal. Instead of buy and sell orders, so-called short and long orders are used.