As soon as a person registers on your behalf:
  • He or she benefits from three months of free management fees.
  • And you, as a sponsor, now receive 10% of the earnings of each of your godchildren — for life.

Warning: to receive interest on your godchildren, they must be invested up to a minimum of €/$100, and your account must have a credit balance of a minimum of €/$100.

Thus, if many godchildren join us on your behalf, you can boost your interests and build a real income.

The calculation is quite simple:
  • Suppose you invest €/$1000.
  • And that you find five people around you who also invest €/$1000.
  • So, it's pretty much as if you had invested €/$1500.
  • And when you have ten godchildren, it will be as if you have invested €/$2000, more or less.
  • If you have at least €/$1000 invested on, you will receive 100% of your sponsorships.

We would much rather let you benefit from this than create expensive marketing campaigns!

--> On the first day of each month, these earnings are automatically calculated and added to your available balance (which includes your interest), which is then integrated with your available balance and almost immediately invested.

In short, you have nothing to do, except to earn more and more by finding new godchildren!