Be very careful with overly attractive returns.
If you invest directly in an Alt cryptocurrency or in a company (like ICO), you can, in theory, achieve very high rates of return. But you have to be smart and accept the risk of losing everything.
If you're giving your money to a company that promises you much higher than average returns, make sure you understand how they can deliver such performance. Martingales don't last: the company must tell you exactly what and how it is investing.

As you know, there are a lot of scams on the Internet.
Here are a few things that should alert you:
  • Abnormally high rates of return. If indicated on a daily or monthly basis, calculate the annual return. Above 100% annual, be very careful.
  • The financial model to achieve such a performance is not very explicit or "secret." If you don't understand what this is all about, don't invest.
  • Investment plans & Fixed returns. Except for certain products such as bonds, it is simply impossible to predict performance in advance.
  • Big bonus on your first payments. How can they give you so much? It doesn't make sense.
  • Sponsorship offer that allows you to receive a part of the funds invested by your godchildren. This money doesn't belong to them: how can they give it to you?
  • Recent activity / little history. Scams don't usually last very long.
In any case, find out about and, for example, consult the reviews of other investors on independent sites (such as Trustpilot).

8% per week means something like 5000% per year! Can you believe it?!
This kind of Ponzi scheme is, unfortunately, widespread.

Finally, on, you can withdraw all or part of your funds each month. This can also give you time to think more about it while you put your money to work.
In any case, think of one of the golden rules of investment: diversification.