You can have several accounts in your name (or different names), as long as the email address and mobile number entered for registration are different.

Email address: you must register with another email address (than the one already used for a previous registration) to which you have access, in order to receive the validation code. After validation of your account, you can eventually modify it.
Mobile number: the mobile number is no longer verified during registration. You can therefore put any number (which does not correspond to a number already registered with us), then after validation of your account, modify it. This is important because your number may be useful for security purposes (validation of certain operations) and/or to recover access to your account.

Caution: each account must be able to prove its identity at any time (individual or company) as part of the KYC/AML procedures.

Finally, you can sponsor a new account as long as it is not in the same name as yours.