While Bitcoin surpassed its historical highs (so called ATH), the altcoins were more chaotic at the end of the year. A context once again favorable to arbitrage allows Atrad.io to achieve outstanding performance, also historical, at 8.44%, to finish the year 2020, which has been complicated in many other respects.
This resulted in an annual performance of 154%, exceeding targets and up 23% compared to 2019.

While the number of individual investors is growing strongly (with a median amount under management also increasing to €27 875), institutional investors' demand is also exceeding Atrad's expectations. As a result, their organization, which has already undergone a major overhaul following the COVID and has been confronted with several administrative problems from the regulator (particularly the inability to understand crypto money business correctly), should again see significant changes in the first quarter. The objective is to put the company in the best possible position to manage growth serenely in the years to come. A communication will soon be made on this subject.

The atrad.io team wishes you an excellent year. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

January 12, 2021.