It is our responsibility to inform our customers and partners of the dispute that opposes us to the Mauritian regulator, victims of an administrative and legal imbroglio that has been going on for several years, concerning the registration itself and the FSC approval for crypto-currencies. Formalities moreover are delegated, as for any off-shore company, to a Management Company, whose incompetence is now proven, but which is the only intermediary authorized to interact with the authorities.
In a country with little or no knowledge of crypto-currencies, where corruption and all-powerful administration are plaguing the economy, it is impossible to hope for success without being under the thumb of unscrupulous officials. The recent placement of Mauritius on the FATF's grey list is no surprise (
In the event of no favorable outcome in the short term, we have begun to actively study the possibility of changing jurisdiction in the near future so that we can continue our activities and our strong development, particularly with institutional investors, in a favorable and serene environment.

December 10, 2020.