Against a backdrop of an almost generalized increase of cryptocurrencies, we achieved a performance of 8.37 % in November, confirming our net annual target of 116 %.

Bitcoin has gained more than 70 % in recent weeks, beating its previous records one by one.
In general enthusiasm, everyone is rushing to buy it, both regular investors and newcomers.

Beyond the announcement of PayPal entering the Bitcoin sphere and several other cryptos companies converting part of their cash into Bitcoins, all informed investors know that trees never rise to the sky, even if they were Christmas trees!

As soon as the price has reached its peak, and in the very uncertain context of the health crisis (despite the announced vaccines), there is a significant risk that it will correct more or less firmly in the coming weeks. That' s for example what he started to do on November 25th by losing 16% in a few hours!
Falling prices generally feed themselves reasonably quickly, with some eager to take their gains at the slightest jolt, and the latest arrivals selling in a mass panic to limit their losses!

Are you ready to take this risk?
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December 2, 2020.