In a reasonably active cryptos market, we continue to increase our performance with August slightly above our objectives, at 8.34%. This is a projection over 12 months on a sliding scale of 149%.
In addition to 1175 new investors who have joined us, the median investment is also increasing to reach €25785.

It must be said that the monetary policies of many countries, with the United States and Europe in the lead, are increasingly worrying investors and pushing them to turn away from "traditional" assets gradually.
According to Bloomberg's recent article, Americans are now turning to riskier assets instead of being satisfied with dollar savings accounts with meager returns. This trend can be observed in many financial institutions such as Ally or Marcus - the consumer arm of Goldman Sachs; the savings rate is reaching record levels.

The double-digit interest rates offered by assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), equities or gold, are increasingly tempting today.
Moreover, it seems that the value of the dollar is depreciating much faster than Bloomberg points out. And with the announcement of the second wave of stimulus cheques to U.S. households, accompanied by additional restrictions on COVID-19, the dollar's depreciation may continue to accelerate.

However, investors must remember that higher returns inevitably come with higher risks. In crypto money, it is no secret that it is one of the most volatile assets in the financial markets. Hence the growing success of arbitrage makes it possible to profit from this volatility without being exposed to it.

August 7, 2020.