In a cryptos market context of soporific monotony, the natural increase in performance over time thanks to the learning process operated by our system, combined with the implementation of new forms of arbitrage, allows us, against all expectations, to post a performance close to 8% (at 8.27%), in line with our annual objectives.

Two pieces of information among many others have recently caught our attention, and we would like to share them with you:

First of all, a new study by The Tokenist Institute is making a lot of noise in the financial world. According to a panel of 4,852 participants from 17 countries, Bitcoin has reached a record level of confidence. In the year 2017, 82% of the participants had more confidence in banks. In three years, this proportion has plummeted to 53%. The power balance is thus confirmed and could even turn very quickly to the advantage of digital gold ...

Another big surprise comes from a recent study by Mode Banking, which reveals that while Bitcoin has until recently exerted an attraction more on the younger generation, it seems that things are changing.
By comparing the average monthly growth of investments across generations, the study clearly distinguishes between a before and after Covid-19. Before: young people ("Millennials" or "Generation Z." Editor's note: born since 1997) largely dominated the ranking, whereas, during the pandemic, the baby boomers (1946-1964) and Generation X (1965-1980) accelerated their investments so much that they almost closed the month-to-month growth gap with their cadets.
And the diversification doesn't stop there: women of all ages are increasing interest in bitcoins (a phenomenon that was already visible long before the crisis).

Bitcoin would thus take on the trappings of a haven for a section of the population which, until then, according to the generally accepted idea, seemed somewhat impervious to the charms of a "technological" currency.
But beware: if this adoption could mean an upward trend on bases that have been consolidated for months, there is no doubt that discernment is required. These new "users," who are not used to the ups and downs of the crypto-money industry, are likely to react sheepishly to the slightest variations and ... accentuate them. Volatility will only increase ...

6 August, 2020.