"From Scam to Miracle," JP Morgan Chase assumes his Bitcoin turn. The largest U.S. bank by assets and Bitcoin’s ‘Biggest Enemy’ has reportedly started providing banking services to bitcoin businesses, with the first two clients being Coinbase and Gemini exchanges. JPMorgan also recently recommended having cryptocurrency in investment portfolios as its CEO, Jamie Dimon, changed his mind about bitcoin.

This is a strong signal that crypto-currencies have become an integral part of the global financial system and that their adoption by the most considerable number of people is gaining ground every day.

While this kind of news helps to reduce the overall volatility of cryptos, our performance in June was not affected in any way, on the contrary, with the third month of performance above 8 % since the beginning of the year (at 8.19 %).

Nearly 1,000 new investors joined the ranks of our loyal clients in June. This contributed to a significant increase in the funds under management, enabling us to negotiate better commissions on transactions.

July 15, 2020.