Many prophets predict a Bitcoin at $100,000, $400,000, or even a million, at more or less the same time.
The psychological barrier of $10,000 seems tenacious (even though it has been crossed again in the last few hours), but the price of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate sharply daily.
Results: "only" 20% earned in the last 12 months and 44% over 24 months, including 11% in the last 30 days!
If these performances make traditional finance look pale, they are nevertheless well below our overall results (at more than 140% annually)!
And with a few rare exceptions, the Altcoins (the "other" cryptos) do not do better. 

Thus, beyond our performance in May at 8.11%, our progression for more than 5 years and a healthy regularity seduce more and more.

€1000 invested in Bitcoin at the beginning of June 2018: net present value €1330.
€1000 invested with early May 2018: net present value €3799.

So, let's continue to build and improve our performance and allow the crypto sphere gurus and their detractors chatter; this only feeds the fluctuations that we enjoy!

June 2, 2020.