The current health situation affects all asset classes, including crypto-currency. Until the curve of new cases of COVID-19 in the world shows signs of real decline, we will remain in a period of serious concern and uncertainty in the short term.
One example is the very sharp drop a few days ago in the price of a barrel of Texas crude oil, the famous WTI. More than just a quotation, an American economic symbol for nearly two centuries, WTI lost more than 100% of its value in one day!
At a time when stock market regulation reigns, where things seem to be under control, a value as tangible as a 159-liter barrel of oil is capable of losing its entire value, and even of going into negative territory!

Cryptocurrencies are taking full advantage of the situation and are becoming more and more attractive. Thus, a recent study of Coin house reveals that since March, the vast majority of the platforms of crypto-currencies in the world see on average:
  • The amount of cash or crypt deposits multiplied by 5.
  • A doubling of registrations.
  • An exchange volume multiplied by 6.
A trend that we also clearly observe on where we record a performance of 7.78% in April that will not disappoint the new registrants.

1000€ invested with us at the beginning of January 2018 became 3378€ net today.
The same amount invested on Dow Jones index, in Gold or in Bitcoins would be respectively worth €944, €1209, €994 today.

May 5, 2020.