March 2020 will forever remain in the annals of the financial markets, and the global health crisis that triggered this widespread collapse will undoubtedly have irreversible repercussions on our societies.
But unlike Wall Street, which will suspend trading as soon as the market loses more than 7% in a single day, currency cryptos will continue to function 24/7 no matter what happens, whether their rates lose 10 or 50%. Decentralized, in essence, no one can interfere.
When Bitcoin lost more than 60 billion in capitalization in a few hours on March 12, the price differential between the different platforms peaked.

In this context, sadly favorable to arbitrage, and despite some exceptional one-off losses, we recorded a new performance record at 8.24%.

While our teams remain fully operational despite the containment, there is no doubt that the coming period will be conducive to excellent performances.

April 3, 2020.