Despite the restrictions in place in many countries as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, our teams are organized to be 100% operational.

The collapse of the financial markets in recent weeks has not spared the crypto-currencies: the resulting increased volatility only increases arbitrage opportunities and their profitability, and therefore the profits we generate for you daily.

The massive injection of liquidity by central banks (for example, 700 billion dollars in the last few days in the United States alone!) is only increasing the risk of a significant global financial crisis of unparalleled magnitude, which is now inevitable.
The Coronavirus is only a drop in the ocean that has caused a vase of much deeper ills to overflow.

However, in the face of the crisis of confidence, debt, and inflation, cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, are increasingly emerging as the most tangible alternative.

While investing can be particularly risky, at least in the short term, notably due to high volatility, our clients have understood the advantages of doing so through

When we started our activities more than 5 years ago, the context was quite different, and focusing our entire business model on cryptocurrency arbitrage earned us a lot of ridicule. We are particularly proud today that the work of our teams has been rewarded in this way, and that the future opens up so many motivating perspectives.

Thank you to all those who have placed their trust in us.

March 19, 2020.