2015: The rise of cryptos created new opportunities for arbitrage trading, but traditional financial players did not dare to position themselves. Eager to take advantage of the rise of cryptos, three market traders specialized in arbitrage (based in Paris and London) — who were avidly seeking strategic independence — decided to leave their respective employers, combining their skills to form their own structure, Victoria Capital Ltd. After several months of analysis, the registration procedures on the main exchanges, and the implementation of tools (including the first ones in Excel!), the first crypto arbitrages were carried out using equity capital. These were difficult beginnings in a very immature and unstructured market. But the first results — quickly achieved — were encouraging.

2016: Due to its outstanding performance, former clients are beginning to invest funds. An innovative compensation model (exclusively performance-based) was implemented. Rapidly, capital inflows led to strong business growth.

2017: We made a fundraising decision to develop teams, tools, and infrastructure, and move towards an automated arbitrage platform. The €2,200,000 we raised allowed us to recruit a team that has lived up to our ambitions. Our headquarters was transferred offshore to avoid some excessively restrictive regulations that impeded the business and generated disproportionate costs; this move also allowed us to benefit from an increasingly clement tax system.

2018: The platform's V1 was launched.
Mid-2018: We launched the V2 beta and opened our business to private investors, establishing a very low entry cost to democratize crypto arbitrage and raise more capital for a more efficient model.

Early 2019: We launched atrad.io. Atrad.io's parent company, Victoria Capital Ltd, manages the equivalent of several hundred million euros in cryptos, and, through a 100% web-based approach, Atrad.io raises more funds from individual investors.

Review and Perspectives 2020: We ended the year 2019 with a record return of 125% and, above all, increasing regularity in our monthly performances. The €1000 invested with us at the beginning of January 2018 grew to €3125 net. The same amount invested on the Dow Jones index, in gold, or Bitcoins would be respectively worth €1015, €1108, €1153, €560 in January 2020. In a crypto market that is still as active as ever and is gaining notoriety in the financial sector, the year 2020 looks very promising, with a monthly target that is sustainably above 7%.

January 21, 2020: Our company was shortlisted as one of the leading companies for the "50 Leading Companies of the year" award by "The Silicon Review" (a business magazine published in Silicon Valley, California that is the most trusted source of news and information for global business leaders, decision-makers, and professionals).

January 12, 2021: Despite a complicated year affected by the global health crisis and a general economic slowdown, we ended 2020 with a historic performance of 154%, exceeding our targets and up 23% compared to 2019. While the number of individual investors is growing strongly (with a median amount under management also increasing to €27 875), institutional investors' demand is also exceeding our expectations.
We are once again confident that we will achieve an even better year in 2021, thanks in particular to the confidence of our investors.

A word from Nicolas Leroy, co-founder, and president:
Beware of overly attractive offers with guaranteed returns, in three digits or more, which are swarming on the Internet thanks to the growth of crypto money.
We are a team of severe and pragmatic people: we will never promise you the moon or a guarantee of results, or I don't know what kind of unrealistic promise. We simply do our best daily thanks to our skills and know-how, and we are continually innovating to generate for more than 6 years now high and regular results, up to the expectations of our investors.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Atrad.io community.

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